Rhaj Khanzadeh, PE

  • Contract/Project Management
  • CDOT Prequalification
  • CDOT Bidding/Project Forms
  • Project Plans/Specifications
  • Cost Accounting/Cost Control
  • Bidding and Estimating
  • Davis Bacon Act Compliance
  • Certified Payroll
  • Bid Tabulation Analysis
Rhaj Khanzadeh, PE is a Project Engineer / Project Manager with a 27-year record of success overseeing all phases of multimillion-dollar construction, infrastructure and environmental projects. He spent 24 years with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), where he was responsible for supervising staff, site inspections, materials testing, and documentation on highway and bridge improvements. Throughout his career, he managed and trained numerous crews of engineers, consultants, inspectors, and technicians.

Rhaj has a wealth of experience ensuring conformity and compliance with project plans, schedules, specifications, regulations, and purpose of design. He has monitored expenditures, pay estimates, and consultants’ payrolls to follow budgets and ensure accurate and timely payments. He also prepared and negotiated change orders and contract modification orders, maintained Method of Handling Traffic statements (MHTs), and approved Form 250 (Materials Documentation Record) at the end of each project. He was responsible for ensuring Quality Assurance / Quality Control and monitoring contractor compliance with Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, Labor Compliance, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise utilization, and Environmental Stewardship. Rhaj held weekly progress and safety meetings, and represented CDOT in dealing with the public, local government agencies, utility companies, contractors, and the media. 

Born in Tehran, Iran, Rhaj came to the United States in 1978 and received a BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado. He is currently a Colorado Professional Engineer. After retiring from CDOT in May 2011, he spent six months working for Federal Land Highway, and is currently working for HDR Engineering as a Transportation Engineer / Construction Manager. 

Rhaj is available for consulting through the Grand Junction SBDC, as well as by virtual appointment statewide.