Connect2DOT Kiosk

Connect2DOT provides Internet access for businesses in rural areas and those looking to save money on subscription-based services. Several SBDC's across the state are equipped with a dedicated kiosk that provides free access to a variety of valuable online resources. The following are subscription sites that you can access from the Connect2DOT kiosk for free:

Bid Express

Bid Express (BidX) is the online bidding system used by CDOT to simplify bidding and facilitate interaction between primes and subcontractors. This system is specifically for construction contractors that wish to work on CDOT highway construction projects. Each Connect2DOT kiosk is setup with a demo account that you can use to access:

  • CDOT Project Plans
  • CDOT Bid Documents
  • Bid Analysis Tools
  • Small Business Network
**Sign up for a Free BidX Account** 

CDOT is sponsoring a limited number of free online accounts for DBE and/or ESB certified construction firms that are actively pursuing and bidding on CDOT projects. A free account gives you unlimited access from anywhere at a savings of nearly $2,000 per year. For more information and a list of eligibility criteria apply online today!

Kiosk Locations

Feel free to stop in at a Connect2DOT kiosk location and hop on for free. Click here for a full list of locations currently up and running. We're installing additional kiosks across the state so check back soon to see when one is coming to an SBDC near you.