Chris Meyer

  • DBE/ESB Certification
  • Contract/Project Management
  • CDOT Prequalification
  • CDOT Bidding/Project Forms
  • Project Plans/Specifications
  • Bidding and Estimating
  • Davis Bacon Act Compliance
  • Bid Express Online Bidding
  • Bid Tabulation Analysis
  • Certified Payroll
Chris Meyer has over 23 years of CDOT experience in Region 5 highway engineering and project management and administration.  After learning the basics of material testing and construction inspection, Chris spent 15 years as a Project Engineer/Manager where he was responsible for on-sight, day-to-day, project contract administration. 

Chris' responsibilities included ensuring contract compliance with construction plans and specifications and supervising and training CDOT and consultant project personnel. This included monitoring project cost expenditures and tracking budgets, negotiating and implementing field changes and modifying contracts as needed, checking payrolls for compliance with Federal Davis Bacon Act laws, and facilitating, tracking and recording communication between the Contractor and CDOT.  

In addition, Chris had several occasions to help facilitate communication and interaction between contractors and their subcontractors, including DBE/ESB companies, and learned a great deal from those experiences. Chris has lived in Durango since 1975 after moving to Colorado from Minnesota a year earlier.

Chris is available for consulting through the Southwest Colorado SBDC in Durango, as well as by virtual appointment statewide.