Bob Smith

  • DBE/ESB Certification
  • Marketing Strategy/Networking
  • Contract/Project Management
  • CDOT Prequalification
  • CDOT Bidding/Project Forms
  • Project Plans/Specifications
  • Financial/Cash Flow Management
  • Bidding and Estimating
  • Davis Bacon Act Compliance
  • Certified Payroll
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • CDOT PS/NPS Project Pursuits
  • SOI/Proposal Requirements
  • Insurance/OCIP Requirements
  • Bonding Guidance
Bob Smith has 23 years of construction management experience, with 10 years focused on subcontractor coordination and consulting. Bob is the owner of Eaton Cole Construction services and is currently working as a consultant for Denver Transit Partners on the $2.7 Billion Eagle P3 project, providing bonding and financial guidance, contractor monitoring and technical assistance to subcontractors.

Bob has significant expertise in providing technical assistance to subcontractors on public and private construction projects. He has been a consultant with CDOT for over 9 years. He works in tandem with owners and prime contractors to exceed project goals and aid in the growth of local, small, and disadvantaged businesses. 

Bob’s depth of consulting experience includes:

  • Analyzing design team proposals and negotiating contracts
  • Performing cost estimating, cost controls, risk management, quality control, value engineering, and constructability reviews
  • Preparing and analyzing RFQs and RFPs as an owner representative and project manager
  • Supervising the bidding process and development of cost estimates to make contractor selections
  • Preparing and authorizing construction and design team contracts
  • Reviewing, preparing, and approving pay applications
  • Managing day-to-day project operations, including RFIs, change orders and submittals
  • Requesting value engineering changes/construction options to achieve significant cost savings
  • Coordinating the planning and permitting process with multiple municipalities
  • Overseeing project start up and close out
  • Implementing “contractor capacity assessment” for subcontractors to evaluate increased contractor capacity and project success
  • Performing unit cost estimates during the early stages of engineering and design for systems planning and alternative analysis studies
  • Developing and managing minority contractor procurement programs that are project-specific, meeting or exceeding goal requirements
  • Administering bonding and insurance compliance
Bob is available for consulting through the Denver Metro SBDC in downtown Denver, as well as by virtual appointment statewide.