Where CDOT Works

CDOT has divided the state into 5 regions that support the transportation needs across Colorado. Each region has a "residency," which is a satellite office that services highway construction in the surrounding area. The map below shows the areas covered by each region. 

Region 1 in the center of the map is the smallest but the most well known because the largest percentage of CDOT work occurs in the Denver metro area. If your business is located in any of the other regions, it is important to focus on making contacts in those areas. You must also make a conscious decision as to whether you have the desire and capacity to work in all of the regions statewide or just a couple. 

For example, if you own a trucking company in Westminster (Region 1) and there are opportunities in Durango (Region 5), ask yourself: Will I be able to locate my trucks on-site for the duration of the project, and will I be able to contain costs for things like gas and lodging in a way that will still make me competitive with another trucking company located in Durango? On the flip side, there also tends to be less competition in more rural areas, so looking at projects in some of the outlying areas of the regions may be advantageous, if you can do it.

Whatever you decide is best for you business, remember that it is CDOT staff and prime contractors working in those regions that are most important from a marketing perspective. CDOT speaks in regions so you need to become familiar with the area map so that when a project is advertised in Region 3, you will know it means the mountains and western slope.