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Webinar: PTAC Construction Contract Documents: How & Why?

Date: April 7, 2021
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Cost: Free
Location: Online

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The proactive and responsive administration of government construction contracts/projects, utilizing appropriate contract documentation, significantly enhances a contractor’s ability to avoid or minimize the impact should a claim arise. Properly maintained contract documentation provides contractors with the support needed to resolve claims effectively and efficiently. Absent a framework for appropriate contract documentation, procedures, and processes contract claims can become very expensive and, in many cases, can take years to resolve.

This course has been developed to: 

  • Enhance the abilities of federal government contractors, with an emphasis on contractors/subcontractors associated with the construction industry, in identifying and resolving contract concerns before they can affect the profitability / completion of a project
  • Provide a framework for appropriate contract documentation procedures/processes that will maximize recovery / mitigate losses should those contract concerns become disputed issues (claims and lawsuits).